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Foundation History

The Kirk-Farrington House was built in 1878 and has been a San Jose City Landmark since 1978

The Farrington Historical Trust was established in 1974 to hold the historic Kirk-Farrington House in trust for use by the Junior League of San Jose, Inc. Under the terms of the original Trust, Mrs. Dorothy Bogen Farrington gave the League the privilege of using the estate as its headquarters, with the Foundation administrating the house and grounds. Mrs. Farrington left the 1878 Victorian house nearly intact with its original furniture, fixtures, an extensive archival library containing books of early California history, vintage documents and correspondence, antique clothing and hat collections dating from the 1880’s, and a wealth of other items of historical interest.

The Farrington Historical Trust was incorporated on November 21, 1996 as the Farrington Historical Foundation, Inc. and is governed by a board of directors. In addition to preserving the Kirk-Farrington home and garden, The Farrington Historical Foundation also acts as a grant making organization for other non-profit organizations headquartered in or serving Santa Clara County, California.