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Interpretative Plaques

City of Campbell

The history of Campbell, California — birthplace of our benefactor Dorothy B. Farrington — is being told “on the streets,” thanks in part to a recent Farrington grant.

For some time now, members of the Campbell Historic Preservation Board have been working on a project to install interpretative plaques on structures of historical significance throughout downtown Campbell. These plaques provide a brief history of the building or location, with the aim of educating locals about the rich and interesting history of their community. The plaques are even tagged in the lower right corner with a QR barcode, which can be scanned by mobile phone users wishing to learn more.

Our funds enabled the board to create and install five new plaques providing historical background on the Courtyard Shopping Center, the Campbell Union Grammar School, the Growers National Bank, the Lena Swope French House, and the Serafino Manfre House.